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Nano Drop

Grab a micro-fraction of nano for free from this simple faucet


Get XNO is a platform to earn Nano. It offers a faucet that can be accessed every 30 minutes , offerwall, and weekly codes. No minimum withdrawal limits, withdraw anytime.

Perseeve Faucet Streaming

Perseeve Faucet Streaming allows streamers to give away free nano to viewers. And viewers to earn small bits of nano for free by watching streams!

Solar Nano Faucet

A nano faucet completely run by solar power! The most sustainable and green nano faucet you will find!

Gives 0.00002 nano per hour.


Earn a little nano and find out more about the digital currency

Prussia Nano Faucet

Prussia's Nano Faucet - Simple faucet, paste your receive address and get some free nano!


Spin the wheel to instantly get some nano - can be used every 45 minutes

Howdy Little Crypto

Simple nano faucet, paste your nano address and get a bit of nano for free!

Payouts are manually sent in batches - not instant. You may receive anything between 0.00005 and 0.002000000 XNO

Nanswap Faucet

Grab a small amount of nano for free from this faucet