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Other apps and services making use of nano (XNO)

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WeNano Business

App for promoting physical business locations and accepting nano donations on Android and iOS


Through globally distributed spots, you can earn nano and interact with other users in this unique social wallet experience


Track, manage, and report your nano transactions alongside other cryptocurrencies with this crypto tax service - 20% discount available through this link


CoinGecko is the world’s largest independent cryptocurrency data aggregator with over 9,000+ different cryptoassets tracked across more than 800+ exchanges worldwide.


Augmented reality treasure hunt app for iOS and Android with rewards in nano


Track your runs and hikes with beautiful maps, while earning activity rewards paid in nano


Android app that allows earning payouts in nano by performing tasks such as playing games, answering surveys and watching videos

Nano Tip Bot

The Nano Tip Bot allows users to send nano using only their Twitter or Telegram handle


A simple, printable gift certificate generator using a nano private key compatible with the Natrium wallet

SomeNano Snow

See nano transactions represented as falling snowflakes

SomeNano Plinko

See live nano transactions, represented as their Natricon fall on a plinko board


Service providing a unique icon associated with each nano address, integrated with Natrium and other services