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Use and earn nano (XNO) in-game on a variety of platforms

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Kakele Online MMORPG

Fight monsters, complete quests and explore the world of Kakele with people from around the world.

Buy and sell in-game gold for nano, or use nano for micropayments in the game!


Earn nano payouts in Quake III online with other players across the world

JC2RP - Game Faucet

Earn nano from playing a faction wars mode in the classic Just Cause 2 Multiplayer game

Unreal Nano

Enjoy a relaxing atmosphere and interact with the magic nano tree, visualizer and more - includes VR support

Nano BrowserQuest

A remake of the popular BrowserQuest web-based MMORPG mini-game that gives small nano reward after completion

CS:GO Nano

Earn nano playing Counter Strike against others online in Arms Race mode

Raiblocks MC

Join this Minecraft server to participate in a unique in-game economy allowing you to earn nano in several ways. Sell your items to other players, go hunt hidden nano treasures, fight in a unique pvp game mode and a lot more!

Player Killers' Exchange

Hack and slash action RPG that pays nano rewards for NPC deaths - select zombie in faucet mode to play for free


A multiplayer online game with procedurally generated tracks, customisable vehicles and more. Features premium in-game items obtained exclusively with nano


The asteroids represent nano transactions of .01 or higher. Destroy the asteroids.

Nano SkyRun

Play Skyrun for free and earn Nano. Windows-based.

Nano Cards

A free printable card game where you pay with/win nano to/from a unique mutual account

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