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Online Payments
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An easy solution for online merchants looking to bring a frictionless checkout experience to their customers.


Accept nano payments and donations instantly through an API or plugins for popular CMS platforms such as Shopify, WooCommerce (Wordpress), OpenCart and more


Setup a Simplex Banking account to accept crypto payments for conversion to fiat or allow your customers to buy and sell cryptocurrency on a white label exchange


Accept nano payments, deposit and withdraw your coins and manage your digital currency payments with invoice capabilities and more


A REST API with PHP and Python SDKs for Nano payment processing available to Coinify partners


Sellix is an ecommerce solution built for digital entrepreneurs. Sell and deliver products, get access to software tools, accept digital payments.


PayNano allows you to request a payment or donation in nano by filling out a form with a wallet address and a payment amount. It will generate a page with a payment link. On this page, users can pay via QR code, deep link, or copy & paste.


Madora offers Instant Payments at Any Price to online businesses in the United States. We allow e-commerce merchants, online publications, and game developers the ability to create simple payments using Nano on their website.


Create embeddable widgets for easy cryptocurrency payments directly to Coinbase Commerce, Stripe, or your nano wallet


QvaPay ofrece la posibilidad de recibir pagos, cobrar servicios, pagar productos y comerciar a nivel internacional

Accept Nano

Accept Nano is a self-hosted payment gateway with a Go-based server and Javascript client.


API to create hosted payment links for your nano address. Accessible from any internet connected device with a modern web browser.

Anonymous, no account or API key required to use.