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DJ's California Catering

Full Service Catering, Bar, and Event Rentals for Special Events

Coming Soon

We are working on a better setup for merchants with physical stores - follow our blog for more details when available


Patents, trademarks and intellectual property legal services

Cónclave Servicios Legales

Legal consultancy service in Colombia, accepting nano as payment.

Law Office of Jonathan Kleiman

Jonathan is a Toronto Business, Crypto and Small Claims Court Lawyer.


A food joint in Kolkata, India, that accepts nano payments for food and drinks such as Garlic Bread, Oreo Shake, Potato Twister and more!

Saltair Kombi Bar

A mobile bar in Brisbane, Australia, that sells cold and warm beverages. For rent at venues such as weddings, corporate events, markets & festivals, and more!


Australia-based retailer offering a wide range of snowboarding and skateboarding equipment, clothing and more